Orders are now closed for Wednesday, October 21st.

DockBox is a weekly, seafood-focused meal kit made by Local Ocean in Newport, Oregon. From Fish & Chips to Fishwives Stew - each DockBox contains all the ingredients and instructions needed to make Local Ocean's signature recipes from the comfort of your own home.

This Week's DockBox

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Big News! DockBox is now fully customizable

That means you can pick whatever combination of meals and add-on kits you'd like.  Each meal is priced individually. 

We hope that this change helps offer more flexibility so you can take home exactly the DockBox you want each week.  Here's what to expect:

Rotating Meal Options

We will continue to feature new and unique Local Ocean each week, just like we have been. However, it's no longer all-or-nothing - you can pick exactly the meals and serving sizes you want.

MORE Options

We will bring in more items to choose from each week. This week, we're offering our classic Fish & Chips as a third meal option.

Always-Available Favorites

We will also offer our signature favorites every week, so you can get them anytime you'd like. We're kicking it off with our Dungeness Crab Soup Kit, Crab Cakes Kit, and a new Fennel Slaw Kit.

Packaging & Handling Fee

We now assess a $10 Packaging and Handling fee on orders under $75. 

If you spend $75 or more the Packaging and Handling is FREE.