Vegetarian Tempeh Garden Salad

Local Ocean’s Vegetarian
Tempeh Garden Salad

TIME: 15 minutes 

SERVING SUGGESTION: 4 oz. tempeh per person

Sesame Chili Sauce
Salad Mix
Green Beans
Red Potato
Hard Boiled Egg
Niçoise Olives
Dijon Vinaigrette 
Herb Butter

1. The green beans, red potatoes, and hard boiled eggs are all pre-cooked - all you have to do is glaze the tempeh and assemble the salad!  

2. Glaze the Tempeh - Cut the tempeh into 1-inch squares. In a sauté pan, heat the sesame chili sauce to a boil. Add the tempeh pieces to the pan and cook until to glazed with sauce on all sides, about 2-3 minutes.

3. While the tempeh is cooking, prepare the rest of your toppings.  Transfer the salad greens into a large bowl, dress with ¾ of the Dijon vinaigrette, and toss until evenly distributed. Cut the red potatoes and hard boiled egg in half.  Prepare the lemon, cutting it lengthwise in half, then each half into thirds as wedges. 

4. Plate by first dividing the salad greens evenly between portions, mounding the greens in the center of each plate.  Add all the toppings around the edge of the salad greens and drizzle the toppings with the remaining dressing.  Top with tempeh and serve with a lemon wedge. Enjoy! 

Updated May 2022

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