Pistachio-crusted Lingcod Salad

Local Ocean’s Special

TIME: 20 minutes

SERVING SIZE: 5 oz lingcod per person

Lingcod Fillet
Roasted pistachio
Egg wash
Romaine, Endive + Radicchio
Roasted Fennel
Gouda Cheese
Sherry-Orange Vinaigrette

2-3 tbsp olive oil for cooking
Salt + pepper for seasoning

1. Prepare the lingcod – in a shallow bowl or plate, spread out half the crushed pistachios. Pour the egg wash into a separate bowl. Season the lingcod portions with salt and pepper. Working with each portion individually, dip the fish into the egg wash, coating completely (if you are using a shallow container, you may need to turn it over to coat). Drain excess liquid for a moment, then place in the pistachios, pressing lightly to coat. Flip over, coating the other side and sprinkle extra pistachios to get the edges. Gently lift, letting excess pistachios fall away, and place on a separate, clean plate or cutting board.

2. Prepare the lettuce – you have three types of lettuce in the kit. You’ll want to cut or tear them into equally sized pieces, about half an inch squares. For a more rustic salad, leave the pieces bigger. Put all into a large mixing bowl and mix.
Cook the fish - Heat a large skillet or nonstick pan over medium heat with 2 tablespoons olive oil. When the oil is hot but not smoking, add the pistachio-coated lingcod. Shake the pan gently to make sure it does not stick.

3. While your fish is cooking, add the rest of the ingredients to the salad bowl – gouda cheese, oranges, roasted fennel, and the sherry-orange vinaigrette. Toss together and season to taste with salt and pepper as desired.
Finish cooking the fish – after 3-4 minutes in the pan and when the pistachio crust is browned, gently flip the fish. Shake gently to let the oil settle (add a little more oil as needed here) and continue cooking for 4-5 minutes more, until the lingcod is cooked through.

4. To serve – divide the salad evenly among dinner plates or bowls. Top with the fish and sprinkle any remaining pistachios over the top. Enjoy!


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Updated February 9th, 2021

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