Corazón Mimosa Drink Kit

Local Ocean’s

TIME: 10 minutes

MAKES: 3 drinks

Corazón Mimosa Mix (6 fl oz)
Varnum Porch Pink Sparkling Rosé
Pomegranate Seeds
Dehydrated Blood Orange
Rosemary Sprig

1. Make sure the corazón mimosa mix and rosé bottle are refrigerated until very cold.

2. Pour 2 fluid ounces corazón mimosa mix into a flute- or champagne-style glass.

3. Top with 4 ounces (one-third) bottle of rosé. Lightly stir in the glass to incorporate

4. Garnish with pomegranate seeds, slice of dehydrated blood orange, and a piece of the rosemary sprig – you can slap the rosemary between your hands to make it more fragrant before putting in the glass. Enjoy!

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Updated December 23rd, 2020

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